I’m not a big fan of writing about myself, but I’ll do my best here.

I’m an Illinois resident that has a strong interest in IT, CS, web development, and related topics. I went to IIT for Information Technology and Management with a concentration in Web Design and Development. My minor was in Philosophy. Towards the end of my time in IIT, I also took a fair amount of coursework in cybersecurity. I graduated in May 2020.

I studied Computer Science at Lewis University for a semester, but ended up returning to IIT afterward.

The reason for the simpler website is mostly for fast loading. I don’t feel that my website needs to be complex when I mostly intend to make a blog/portfolio. I was also influenced by this talk by Maciej Ceglowski.

My current job at Partner CIO is largely a helpdesk position. I help with many different sorts of tasks–from issues with our client’s website to troubleshooting issues with modern versions of Microsoft Office and Adobe products. I’ve also assisted with overseeing a website migration and done hardware troubleshooting in a few instances.

I was also self-employed during college before joining Partner CIO. I refurbished, upgraded, and built laptops and desktops (both Mac and PC) to sell, as well as for clients. I also handled customer service in a handful of cases, providing partial and full refunds where appropriate. I’ve also sold computer components such as processors and RAM. During that time, I received 100% positive feedback in all the marketplaces I used.

Additionally, I have some experience with Photoshop starting with CS4 (I had a high school course with it), and video editing in various programs, including Premiere Pro and VEGAS. This is largely thanks to my hobbies.